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The Covid-19 Strategy

At Ryze Fitness our number 1 priority during this time is to our members and staffs health. We have and are taking every and all precautions to try and stop the spread of Covid-19 in our community. We have had our Studio professionally deep cleaned, meaning that a thin layer of antibacterial film covers all surfaces to kill and stop the spread of any germs that may lay dormant on any surfaces. 

Our equipment, floor and communal areas are cleaned after every session, and to ensure social distancing we have marked out areas of where to workout and which way to move around the studio.

Trainers have been asked to wear face masks and face masks are available for use by our members if they should choose to use them.

We ask that member wash and sanitize hands on arrival and departure, and we kindly ask that they wipe down any equipment used during our sessions, with the antibacterial wipes provided.

To keep the number of members to the maximum people allowed in the Studio at a time, we will be live streaming our sessions to our members who choose and are able to join us from home.

Please rest assure, our commitment to your health & fitness has not changed. We will still be delivering the quality workouts you are accustomed to and more!

We strongly believe that together, we will stop the spread of Covid-19.